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Thread: MRI : What do you know about mri machines ? magnetic resonance imaging

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    MRI : What do you know about mri machines ? magnetic resonance imaging

    I'm having way more MRI's than I ever imagined I would. and to be honest they don't seem to throw out any great clues as to what is causing my pain.

    I'm about to get another MRI today! and I always go to the same place and same the same machine, it occurs to me it's quite an old machine, I'll find out exactly how old and what it's Specification is today.
    2006 Siemens hardware: 1.5T : software was updated August 2018.

    So question to those that know about these things.... MRI connoisseurs as it were .. does anyone else check the MRI machine before they get an appointment, or select an MRI provider based on the machine?

    and if you do what do you look for? I'm primarily interested in the best machine for diagnostics of the spine and not comfort.

    At this point, all I know is the machines are rated in (T's) Tesla's.

    My googling shows the FDA as approved machines range from 1T - 7T in the USA.

    Google map of all the locations of 7T MRI machines in the world... as of 20 Oct 2017 -

    thoughts ?

    Other thoughts are what T's implanted devices are rated for.. pain pumps, neurological stim units etc.

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