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Thread: Buying a Wheelchair Accessible SUV

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    Beware if you decide to get a full size Chevy Explorer 1500 Conversion van and add a lift, transfer seat base, hand controls and power door openers your total curb weight will be about 6750 lbs. The GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) on the 1500 is 7200 lbs. This only leaves you with 450 lbs for passengers and wheelchair. Exceeding the GVWR will result in your insurance claims being denied if you are in an accident. You are much better off going with a 2500 version with a GVWR of 8600 lbs depending on the year.
    new are only 2500 now i believe?? rep
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    Yes, that's true because Explorer was very close to exceeding the GVWR with the 1500 when setup for 7 passengers
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    Last year when I was looking, I was trying to get away from a minivan, I *really* wanted to get the Braun Explorer. I had rolled up into the PVA(I think) one that went around earlier, and it was a nice low ramp angle and easy roll up to driver area with no seat(drive from chair setup). I finally talked a local shop to put a transfer seat in driver spot, as that is what I use now and like in my minivan.

    As I was afraid, it was just too tight, not enough roll area between back and front seats for the maneuvers needed to line up for a transfer. I did it, but it was a major p.i.t.a. Even though things get easier thru repetition, I just did not see it ever getting easy enough, to not piss me off every time I transferred.

    Seeing as how petite you are, that could make a difference, I'm in an 18x18 Ti zra, so I need more room. But you would never be able to have people in the back seat with your chair there, maybe 1 on one side if you moved chair to edge. And there is not enough room in the back for a rigid chair.

    As Rojo said, the only thing I didn't like was the gear shift setup, I can see it being a rattletrap thing going down the road.
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