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Thread: ROHO cushion air/pressure retention

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    ROHO cushion air/pressure retention

    How long can a non-defective ROHO cushion be reasonably expected to hold its original inflation setting?

    When I refurbish a chair w/ a ROHO, I include an inflation pump and instructions on how to set (and REset) the proper inflation level for the rider.

    But, I don't have any more inflators for the next three chairs that I'm releasing. So, instead, I'll amend my instructions to clients to include a pointer to the various suppliers of the inflator (they're inexpensive so I figure if you got the chair & ROHO for free, you can afford the inflator!)

    The question, however, is should I suggest they purchase one ASAP (good advice if the cushion tends to need to be tweaked, often) or hold off until they think their cushion may be going a bit "flat" (and hope for "in stock" availability and prompt delivery).

    I've never heard back from previous clients as to how often (or even IF!) they needed to adjust the firmness of their cushions. So, for all I know, it's possible that none of the inflators I've given out have ever been used!

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    I check mine daily, but add air only every several months or less often.

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    I just use my mouth have not used a actual inflator in 4 years. How do you check yours every day without a pressure gauge.

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    In my experience a month is probably max. But I ran the slim cushion (so less air loss makes a bigger difference).

    that being said, the first few weeks the user needs to be able to air up and down the cushion to get the best firmness. I always lost my inflators and just used my mouth, but that probably contributed to the short lifespan of all my cushions...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lavender lady View Post
    I just use my mouth have not used a actual inflator in 4 years. How do you check yours every day without a pressure gauge.
    The hand check method is recommended, but it isn't as easy as they make it look in the video.

    Also, if you have one of the Roho cushions with Isoflo Memory Control, remember to unlock it before you use the inflator, and lock it after inflation and before sitting on the cushion.
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    I check my immersion a couple times a day. Haven't added air for well over a year. Mid-profile Quattro Select. I run mine nearly flat as it is, for my perfect immersion, so maybe that's why I never need to add air; there just isn't hardly much in it above atmospheric pressure to begin with, if any. (Sitting on it raises the pressure obv.) I never turn the valve on and off either. Properly functioning shouldn't lose air; a leaking valve is defective IMO, even if only leaking a bit. I wouldn't keep a cushion that lost air regularly. When I do add air, I open the Quattro valve, blow it up until it's mounding, then let it drain until it stops/equalizes with atmospheric pressure, then lock all the valves down. Stays fine forever that way for me. Temperature fluctuations are the only reason I ever have had to make any adjustments (e.g. Being outside in the heat or cold for a long time, which is super rare for me. I'm a house cat.)
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    I run my hand over cushion about every day, especially if using my backup chair. If don't feel 'right' I'll add a bit air with pump and let bit out after running my hand around some to feel if feels 'right'.
    My wife checks with me sitting in chair every once in awhile to kinda keep a check.
    Usually if there's a leak so fair we notice change fairly quickly.
    I try keep track of pumps and so far can locate at least one cause keep it in bedside chest.

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    I use a Quattro High Profile.
    It rarely needs air.

    When sitting stably upright, I open the 4 way valve, wait for the pressures to equalize, then close it. Isn't that how it's supposed to be done?
    IMO it's better; certainly less butt pressure as it raises the front chambers under my thighs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lavender lady View Post
    ….How do you check yours every day without a pressure gauge.
    I overfill the cushion (single chamber Roho Hybrid Elite) and then leave the valve open until flow stops--so it's full but without pressure. To check, I just feel it each morning to confirm that it's full or nearly so.
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    I've got a gauge for mine, did a pressure map, got it set nicely then attached gauge to see what pressure was in the cushion. Once inflated to that pressure we check once a week and there isn't a lot of change, top it up about once every 3 or 4 weeks but not a lot of air is needed. Temperature does have an impact so we always check as soon as I am in chair, never after I have been up for a long time. Roho pumps lose air so don't leave attached with valve open.

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