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Thread: Accessible Airstream

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    Accessible Airstream

    I've always had a thing for AirStreams. I wonder in my someday-to-be-retired life how possible it would be to modify one of their travel trailers to accommodate a power chair. I'm sure it wouldn't be spacious, but enough to find a way to get in/out of bed, sit and relax, etc. Came across this in my search:

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    Thanks, there are a couple good links here. We want to start putting together an accessible toy hauler soon.

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    me I go with toy hauler bathroom in back shower bed raises up down a ramp I like those

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    harbor view makes an accessible trailer with a lift but they are pricey and heavy the company is hi lion i think

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    We found accessible toy-haulers, with special bathrooms and all, and using the vehicle ramp as a wheelchair ramp. The company lets you build your own RV, by choosing different features. They are marketed under two names, both from the same Arizona manufacturer: Man Cave RV & Dune Sport RV.

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