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A long slide board (like used for getting in/out of a car) can be helpful for these types of transfers. Keep in mind that your dentist is under an ADA mandated obligation to find a way to transfer you into the chair or have other equipment modifications available so that you can be provided the same level of care as an AB patient. This may mean getting a different style/model of dental chair installed.

At the dental clinic at the VA hospital where I worked, we installed ceiling tract lifts into several of the dental clinic rooms, and also were evaluating one of these systems which can allow you to remain in your manual or power wheelchair (once the dental chair is removed):

Maybe they're suppose to follow ADA rules but they don't. What are we suppose to do, threaten them? I really like my dentist and hygienist (been going 25ys) but their office has never been ADA compliant. The entry ramp is to steep, I had to pull myself up the ramp using the hand rail, now I'm using an electric chair. My granddaughter is a hygienist and has worked in many places but none of them have offered to work on me in my chair or have any special equipment to assist my situation. I just canceled a dental appointment because I didn't want to deal with getting in and out of the dental chair. The only option I see is to start paying someone to go with me and help with the transfer.

If anyone knows of wheelchair friendly dentist @ the Modesto, Ca. area please let me know.