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Thread: Hands/finger problems

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    Hands/finger problems

    So... c5-c7 ish here. When i was first injured years ago, i had some issues with my hand function. Ive always had weakness, but never noticed much of an issue besides some numbness. However in thelast year or so, im feeling my hands wanting to make a fist. I can keep them open, but it just feels more comfortable in that it seems as fist is their resting state. Im sure this isnt a great and is something i should be concerned about. Any thoughts?

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    I am always concerned with any change for the worse. I would wonder if you are headed for the dreaded "quad claw". My hands have wanted to curl up since the beginning and I am unable to grab things usually without the index finger curling under, especially with the left hand. I'm C5-7. It is annoying, but the only pertinent question for you is whether it is a sign of further pressure on the cord.

    Quite likely your doctor will not wish to order a test on the basis of this one symptom but pay attention to any other changes and keep a written log with dates and times. If more symptoms should appear you will have the info your doctor needs.

    Things can change as a result of how we use our body. You may want to get back to any arm and hand exercises you know and do them regularly, including stretching out your fingers.

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    Right. Im thinking splints as much as possible. Mainly on one hand only. My wrist flexes up and fingers tend to curl. It just seems thats where its comfortable

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    You may want to get that checked out. My ring and little finger started doing the same thing. They did nerve tests that showed the Ulnar Nerve was dead and carpal was not far behind. there was nothing they could do re. the Ulnar Nerve and did a Carpal tunnel release surgery to save the other two fingers and thumb. It took 8 minutes to do the surgery with no restrictions afterwards. I did take it easy til I got the stitches out.

    I was told it took years to get to the stage they were in. Could be why yours is gradually losing strength and curling up.

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