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Thread: Planning to switch to condom catheters

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    Quote Originally Posted by gjnl View Post
    Good to know. They had a pretty complimentary write up in New Mobility Magazine.

    Assume you have used them. What were the problems with them?
    Hi OP stated he is very active ... yes ive used them and they are ok if you are bed ridden or not active but transfers and moving about they do not stay put as they only stick to the head and with shrinkage and expansion or if you have ANY twists etc in hose it blows right off would NOT recommend at all .
    have great day all.

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    Liberty diesn’t Make the catheters anymore that I know of. Eloquent makes Reliafit catheter. It is for those that the regular condom catheter will not stay on. And Mastisol glue is used. Bard, Hollister, coloplast and many others have male external catheters. I would suggest trying samples that you can get from their websites. CWO
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