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Thread: Opinions, reviews, & recommendations please -Time to get a new power wheelchair

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    Met with a local sales rep for Sunrise/Quickie and Permobil today at outpatient PT at Harborview Hospital in Seattle. Chairs were nearly identical in function. The footrests on the Permobil had a feature where they extended down to the floor to get out of the way of transfers and made for a very stable platform to get in & out of.

    Sales rep works for a regional (Western US) mobility vendor that has sold a Bounder before. Asked again about Lithium batteries, she denied any knowledge of such a thing. Clearly her priority was more about an easy sale of a less than optimal device. It was like talking with a used car salesman. Kinda icky--especially thinking about those that are new to the game and will get sucked believing every word she says since she is an ATP.

    Maybe I will end up with a Quickie or Permobil due to insurance issues. I am definitely going to work at getting the Bounder first.

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    I think you'll have a problem getting a Bounder through insurance. And forget getting the lithium. Neither will be deemed "medically necessary."

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    Over the years I have had 2 Bounders through Medicare. However the last one was in 2007 or 08. The one before that had electronic problem that my DME said due to age plus be cheaper go for new chair than repair.
    They are great built chairs, like a tank plus weigh quite abit, too. Both mine had powered rehab seating, tilt, recline and legrests. Batteries on both were Group 27's, so I don't know a thing about lithium.
    My last chair through Medicare was a AmySystem R-3 Heavy Duty with powered seating.
    I don't know when or if I'll be getting a new chair through Medicare now since my Independent DME sold to nation wide company. I figure no point trying deal with them unless have to since last try was a joke attempting to deal with them.
    We have picked up couple chairs that was sold used.

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