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Thread: Opinions, reviews, & recommendations please -Time to get a new power wheelchair

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gearhead View Post
    The Quantum 4Front looks nice. 4 wheel independent suspension. I will test one, then test Permobil F4 for comparison.
    I'm eligible in April.
    I don't believe there is a Permobil F4. I think it is either an F3 or an F5.

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    I was a long time Pride user but the chairs are cheap and break down all the time due to cheap plastic parts and motor burn out due to cheap china motors.

    They also only use MF 22 batteries to miles per charge is 4-6 miles total.

    Changed to Permobil a while ago and the chair build is solid and the chair is so comfortable. Had a mid wheel m300 but upgraded to a front wheel F3 3 1/2 years ago and love it.

    Much better in tight areas, much stronger then a mid wheel drive and never get stuck like a mid wheel with wet grass, or gravel and mud. even steep inclines I need help or a push in a mid wheel the F3 goes up no problem.

    Also the front tilt make reaching for thing much more easy.

    The best thing about Permobil is they support 34 battery's standard or the lager 24 size and you can really increase your distance per charge with MK 24s.

    Make sure you get a chair with lights, tilt and recline and seat elevation.

    You can always pay at cost if you dont get approved for features but I know people that dont even ask for items for fear they will get declined!

    The difference between an F3 and F5 is the F5 is bigger and can come with a faster motor for a cost and also has a stander option.

    Remember not all DMEs promote certain manufactures because they make bigger commissions selling certain brands and models.

    Do a weekend demo at your home so you can try a chair in your own world.

    If you use public transportation you it there to or work or at school etc!

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    Thanks, I was starting to take a liking to the quantum chairs until you posted about short battery distance.

    Do the front wheelchairs have a much bigger turning radius than a mid-wheelchair?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wchair View Post
    Thanks, I was starting to take a liking to the quantum chairs until you posted about short battery distance.

    Do the front wheelchairs have a much bigger turning radius than a mid-wheelchair?
    It got so bad that Pride took down all there customer supported websites because people bought there chairs then got mad about running low.

    I did a test for Pride with then 2.0 1st came out and have a run i do to test mileage its 10 miles ride from my house to the mall and back 5 miles each way.

    At the time Prides GM of customer service was a friend and he text me when he heard about the test run and that he didnt think the chair could do it.

    Sure enough I made it to the mall ok but on the way back started having issues at mile 6 charge really started depleting fast and was all out of green lights and in to the yellow. At mile 7 it hit red and I am in Ariz and a thunderstorm monsoon starts pouring rain. I was still a few miles from home and at mile 8 I was 100% out of lights and the chair went in to inhibit and slowed to 3 miles per hour.

    Long story short version with stopping and starting the chair I limped it home totally soaked.

    I reached out to Pride for false advertising and have heard from quite a few users that really got the short end of the stick.

    Consumers using Pride Mobility or Quantum Rehab products now have a new place to hang out: the Pride & Quantum Owner's Club, aka,

    Old website taken down...


    To answer your question on front wheel will hear a lot of people that dont roll in front wheel drive make comments that just are not true.

    Stability, handling, performance and tire wobble or fish tailing.

    At the time I had bought a m300 mid wheel and liked it so much I funded a new one that fit me...just a few week before I took delivery the F3 had come out and I told myself if I didn't text it I would never know if it was better because I didn't know anyone that had one yet.

    So I had the local Permobil rep deliver one for a weekend demo.

    Off to the test was so much smoother but kept having this feeling of I was going to fall out forward and that is because you sit so far forward vs over the drive tires on a mid wheel.

    But the more I hit bumps, rocks, sidewalk cracks etc I noticed the ride was so much more comfortable and felt stable.

    The fish tailing goes away after about 2 months and its the same going from a rear wheel drive to a mid wheel.

    But I noticed in that weekend I could fit in tight areas a lot better and that improved with time.

    elevators, bathroom stalls, busy subways, light rails etc.

    We fly a lot and I can get in and out of a plane so much better.

    So yes to answer your question 100% recommend front wheel drive Permobil.

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    Thank you for all the info. The quantum chairs look nice and have great functions, but that battery distance is a severe problem for me.
    And thanks for the front wheel drive Permobil recommendation… I had completely disregarded front wheel chairs, but I'll definitely demo one now

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    Message me if you have any issues setting up a weekend demo. Some of Permobil field reps are old school thinking and will not allow it but we have worked with directors to get it approved!!

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