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Thread: Drink holder for Power tilt chairs

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    Drink holder for Power tilt chairs

    Would some of you be willing to post pics and brands of the type of drink holders you use for a power wheelchair that tilts for weight shifts. We are still struggling for the right solution. Thanks in advance and thanks for your patience for my small silly questions.

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    My son had found one in the bike would move with the chair and stay up right. My outdoor chair in put away for the winter. Bike shops or Amazon are a bunch cheaper.

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    You might want to skip a drip holder all together and get something like a Camel-Bak hydration back pack, which can be hung on the back of your chair.

    Also check out gimbled drink holders designed for use on boats, like this:

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    See my post here for a bike water bottle cage:
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    My daughter uses this holder on her powerchair. Fits her water bottles, mugs and drinks from coffee shops. She doesn't tilt back far with it is full of coffee.

    Another thing to consider (along with the other great suggestions here) is a drink holder from Ram Mount. They have one that tilts as you tilt and you can check out all kinds of mounting brackets.

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    Maybe look for one used on sailboats that "gimbal" -- tilt with the boat. This might be a bit cheaper than the RAM mount
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