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Thread: Freezing cold back!!

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    Freezing cold back!!

    Over the last several years, my back always feels freezing cold and wet like I'm laying on a slab of ice. But it's always dry and warm to the touch. Does anyone else experience this sensation? No matter what I try to alleviate the symptom, it does not go away. I've laid on heating blankets and pieces of wool, but it does not stop the feeling.

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    Not with my back, but I get a similar cold sensation with my feet at night. And with my right hand (which does have sensation) often day and night. Neither feels cold to the touch.

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    Thanks for your response! Do you take Coumadin or any blood thinners? Mine seem to have started when I went on. But it has gotten extremely worse the past few months.

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    No blood thinners. My right hand has had this issue since injury, 8+ years. The feeling of cold feet has worsened in the past few years. Even though they are not cold to the touch, I think it is related to actually being cold. It only happens in the winter when we keep the overnight interior temperature much cooler than in the summer.

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    I get the cold feeling in my back when my feet are cold or in stress. A form of AD I guess. I'll warm my feet or check my shoes, sox, etc and get it to stop.

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