I guess just a chairlift type, it doesn't have to take me in the chair?

I've never really wanted one (why would I choose to live in a place with stairs?), but now my buddy says he's gonna buy one for his house.

My friend bought a new house and I just went to visit him the other day. It's a two story house with an unfinished basement. I can get onto the first floor okay because he bought a little collapsible ramp just for me to get in and out, which is pretty cool (nobody has ever done that for me before). But as he's showing me around the house, he tells me that the basement is unfinished, and apparently he's gonna turn it into some bad ass man cave with a bar and a theater room and a poker table and whatnot, which sounds awesome, but it's also down a full flight of stairs. I'm only in my 30s, but me and most of my other buddies lived life pretty hard in our twenties and while I was busy earning my SCI they were arranging to get arthritic knees and busted nerves from jumping out of airplanes for Uncle Sam, so while they can and have hauled me up and down many flights of stairs, I know it's really painful for them, especially my friend who just bought the house, and that's only gonna get worse as we get older.

So while he was giving me this tour he said "don't worry" about getting down the stairs, and I was like... yeah... right... and I started asking him how sturdy the railing was on the basement, because if I've got a rail on either side, I can almost get myself up a flight of stairs on my own, and if I ever start working out like I always mean to it's one of my goals to be able to get myself up and down without having to bump my ass along each step. But then he tells me he's already got it figured out and he's gonna get a stairlift.

That's awesome, but I also have no idea how expensive that is. He says he's got it all figured out, but this guy isn't rich (especially now that he just bought a house) and he's got two little kids who I gather are also pretty expensive. Anyway, it's a super nice gesture, and he seems to think he's got it all figured out, but I worry that it's gonna cost him a lot of money.