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Thread: Pressure causing dry skin ?

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    So these chairs ( - I don?t know how to post a link except to manufacturer site) have some sort of adjustability to ensure that ischials are in the cutout and not sat on. Won?t solve transfer issues, but maybe you can find an equivalent cushion to use on your current set up?
    Thanks, it doesn't look like they are available in the UK but I have contacted them anyway.

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    Exact same problem. Exact same spot. Started as dry skin. I put soap on my shower chair cushion and thought it dried the skin out since it never got rinsed off.It eventually opened a little like a paper cut. It just wouldn't get better, or worse but deffinately wasn't happy after using the shower chair. I have the Raz chair with a PRX seat which I noticed they don't sell anymore. I ordered their Visco foam seat and bought a Roho commode cushion to use until the new seat arrives. The Roho cusion is more comfortable but difficult to get on because of the increased height.
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