I'm a C4/5 female needing total assist with ADL's. I have a care worker through an agency. That agency does drug testing upon hiring and a background check. Unfortunately two weeks ago, my direct care worker came to my home high. I called 911 and an ambulance and police officer, came to my home. That is when I was made aware of her Suboxone use. Prior to this incident, I notify the care agency about consistent lateness (30 min. plus) and change in behavior. There was no attention paid, to my concerns. The day the incident happened she was 45 min. late and no call from the agency, checking on her arrival. When I notify the agency of the situation,, they were very quick to clock her out. Clearly for their benefit. I was transferred into a shower chair, before those severity of the situation was more clear. My mother was home, but on the opposite side of the house and going in and outside periodically. She fell asleep in my bathroom and I was fortunate to yell for my mother (after some time). After the fact, I was told by someone that she could have been charged with reckless endangerment (due to my complete paralysis). I recontacted police officer, and he said no because my mother was home.
I live in Pennsylvania and was wondering if anyone had any unfortunate similar experience and/or advice. I would like her not to be able to work as a caregiver (at least through a paid agency).. There are many individuals, that live alone. I look forward to any feedback.