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    TiLite AeroZ

    This is a TiLite Aero Z with an aluminum frame. The seat is 16in wide x 15in deep seat. Spinergy Spox wheels with fresh Schwalbe tires. The back is presently set at 14in height, however the main posts are 12in high and the upholstery will last longer if you went back to the 12in heignt. As it is set up now the frame rails are 17in. high at the rear, and 18.5 in at the front. The upholstery is in great shape. The chair comes with the side guards and anti tip bars, neiither of which have ever been used. It has fat 5in front casters. There is no camber in the rear wheels. There is the normal paint wear of nearly 3 years of use, but the chair has never been rained on. $700 and buyer pays shipping.
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