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Thread: Bowel program help please!

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    It's taken me some time to get a decent routine but this has been working for me. I'm sure I could improve it.
    Note that I'm one of those who get the dreaded butt snot from magic bullets.

    Docusate sodium 5 pills/day. I used to take more MgO but it made for peanut butter icky stuff.
    5 prunes and yogurt daily with lots of fruit and veggies
    Wax bullet upon waking, before coffee then head to toilet 20 minutes later.
    General routine is dig stim every 3-5 minutes with an Enemeez every third or fourth (then 8-10 minutes after an Enemeez). Usually takes 2 Enemeez and about an hour.

    I realize I need to go the peristeen route but need to find time to see the doctor.
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    Are you digging around up in there or just using the bullet and not any digital manipulation? I basically sit on the toilet for an extra 45 min to an hour after evacuating and sweep out all the mucus so there?s nothing left to come out later. Time consuming, but it works.

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    yes I defiantly use digital stimulation. Maybe i will try to do more near the end of my bowel program to see if it helps get rid of extra mucus.
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    Oh and I doubt this is your problem, but just in case make sure you're not eating or drinking any sorbitol or (some) other artificial sweeteners. The only two times I've had that nasty butt snot stuff in the past many years is when I've accidentally eaten gummy bears that had sorbitol in in thinking they were old fashioned high fructose corn syrup gummy bears.

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    Also, for me at least, dig stim works best as slow circles. Slow like <1 per second. For no particular reason I count to 25.
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    I always read for abut 10 minutes after I'm pretty sure I am done, then do one last digistim. Usually a little mucous comes out. I do not have trouble later, though I often did during the first few years.

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    As gnjl reported, a little stim after you think you are done seems to release that last bit of gas. Give this a try if you can do the stimulation.

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    I take Walmart equivalent Restoralax 'Equate Clearlax' in a mixed tea with all my big meals.

    I take Senokot the night before BM.

    I use Microlax for the actual stimulant for the BM.

    Good luck!

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    I wish you the best of luck. After 25 years of this routine I'm finally electing to go with a colostomy bag. I hate the thought of it. But, feedback from others is overwhelmingly positive. I'm looking forward to no longer dealing with bowel issues for hours per day.

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    Hey NorthQuad, what dosage do you take on the Senakot?
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