My niece is a basketball player. She represents her school team.
A year ago she had some spinal injury. She has been through a minor surgery to fix it. Until then she was doing good.
Ever since the surgery, she started practicing now(it has been three months).
Last day she fell from her bicycle. She had a crack on her head. And it was fine. We didn't even fetch her to the hospital. But over a night things got changed. She started to feel severe lower back pain.Doc has adviced her to stop practicing for a while. More than the pain, she couldn't bear that. She has become very disappointed and angry! But I think physiotherapy might work with her recovery. Because when I talked with her doc, he almost confirmed that there is no need for further surgery. I've done research and found a clinic for sports physiotherapy near our home in Toronto. It will only take a 10-20minuits drive from our home to the clinic. But when I discussed with my brother(her father, he is currently in Vancouver) but he thinks it is better to follow the doc's advice.
But I feel it as time-consuming, like having med and staying back home!
Moreover, I don't want to make her worry! I know that much affection and passion she has towards basketball.
Even though I'm her local guardian, I can't take chances when her bio dad has a disagreement.I'm ready to fetch her for the therapy from tomorrow, if I get an assurance from any people here who have been through sports physiotherapy(PS: I wish to hear from any patients who underwent the same or medical docs rather than therapists.)!