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Thread: grocery delivery

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    One of the stores I use has a check off area where you can state a percentage for a tip. I don't use it and give $5 to delivery person. I haven't quite figured out how to get coupons for my order but they have them. I ordered 4 onion bagels in my last order and they called to ask if one of them could be plain as they ran out of onion. Wow! Now I know to use the check off column for each item where you can indicate a substitution is ok. I sure don't want someone wasting their time about something like that.
    With so many stores doing delivery, it pays to check out more than one place, especially if you're not satisfied with one. My orders have been totally accurate so far.

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    I use Peapod and write in a $10 tip to the guy schlepping the order (usually $200-ish worth of stuff). Delivery guy seems happy enough seeing that. Locally, they are actual Peapod employees operating a Peapod truck (filled with stuff from the Peapod warehouse), getting something like $16/hr from what I gather last I looked on Glassdoor. Something like Amazon, Doordash, Instacart, UberEats may be much less lucrative for the worker and quality or service might be rather different. I've been using Peapod since like 2003, and beyond the obvious not being able to haul shit from the store myself issues aside, the service is quite a time saver and products are decent enough to my tastes.

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