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Thread: grocery delivery

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    grocery delivery

    Wondering if anyone else is using online ordering of groceries in their area. Two grocery stores in my area have delivery, and one of them allows you to specify a day and a time frame for delivery - very helpful. They charge something like $5 "pick fee", and I don't know yet a "delivery fee" as the first few are free. One of the stores charges about $6 for delivery.
    The online ordering page is great, you go through about 10 categories (pantry, meats, dairy, bakery, etc.) to select items and place them in your "basket", pretty much like ordering from Amazon.
    One of the stores has a $30 minimum order, and there's a way to apply coupons on line also.

    Maybe I'm nuts, but I love the fact that this seems to create more jobs, especially for young folks who have no problem hauling stuff to your door.

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    I tried it, and agreed it is convenient and has many positives. Be mindful that in addition to the delivery charge, there is an extra charge per item typically (at least with the service I used), which, depending on your order, can add up significantly. Of course, convenience comes with a price. Of course, you should be tipping as well.

    I stopped using them after they overcharged (by as much as $60 on one order) due to adjustments in meat costs, and I did a further cost comparison and realized I was paying significantly more for delivery. As much as I hate going, I'm back to going myself.

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    I use Stop-n-Shop Peapod, they are awesome. I usually don't have to pay the 6.95 delivery fee because they continually send me coupons.

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    In Texas I use the HEB curbside program. It cost a 3% upcharge on everything plus a $5 fee per order. So on a $100 grocery order the charge is about $8. For home delivery there is an additional $5 charge. I haven't paid the $5 fees yet because with the new program came free coupons for the first four orders.

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    I checked with Shipt. The best of me could not figure out what the end cost would be on a $100 purchase. I found the Shipt website very vague = red flag. I saw a Shipt girl at my local Publix so I asked her, hoping she could help me better understand. She told me it would be "about" $7 per $30. Not as accurate description of costs as I wanted. My best calculation, $100 + 10% tax + "about" $25 or $30 = up to $140 for $100 worth of groceries.
    This is what I do for this challenge; Wal-Mart online for non perishables (can goods, t-paper, some juices, hardware, cloths, etc), shipping is free and quick for $30 and over order on MOST items. Not all so look carefully as you checkout. 95% of items ship free via UPS and/or USPS. Crackers my be slightly broken but it's worth it.
    I go to Publix once a week for salads, melons, milk, and anything frozen or refrigerated. I take 2-3 collapsible coolers, put them in cart, fill 'em up. If I have a heavy load, the Publix folks will load my stuff in my van. The coolers are what makes this task less frustrating because when unloading they are almost at lap level (in elec. chair) and I can hold them better and go through doors easier. Also no frustrating bags to deal with. 1 cooler = about 3 bags and cooler is easier to empty plus insures my salads, milk, etc last longer. I am a lucky C3 quad that can perform this task so what I do may not work for others. If I wasn't a quad I'd be using coolers, knowing what I know now.

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    check ur Walmart del prices I used to do that but theey got out of control on prices they have on line where you pick up I love it everything is top notch expiration dates way out there if the sub its always better than what I ordered produce meat dairy love it I order evwery other week my caregive pu bring it here and puts up but check your price verus shipping and pu I think u see a difference

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    It seems that grocery stores increase the price on each item for home delivery. That's on top of the delivery fee. Walmart does not do this. Pick up is free and delivery is $7.95. The only problem is produce. The organic stuff that comes in prepackaged bags is usually fine. For example, a prelacked bag of organic apples is fine. But buying individual apples is a gamble and usually not a good one.

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    I use grocery delivery a lot, something called Instacart. It's good, but expensive and the people doing the shopping make mistakes sometimes. I also use food delivery services like UberEats and Caviar.

    On the plus side, I eat a lot better than before. I can have enough vegetables for once.

    On the minus side, I now can stay in my home for weeks at a time and never go outside or see anyone except delivery people and the housekeeper. It can be an even more isolating lifestyle than before.

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    What is the tipping situation? Are people expected to tip a certain percentage, or a flat fee? We don't have delivery in our area yet, but it's something I've wondered about for the future.
    MS with cervical and thoracic cord lesions

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    Customary tip is $5 for a simple and small delivery. If the delivery person has to make multiple trips on stairs, it's a large delivery, or there are heavy items (water), I'd tip more.

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