Just to re-introduce myself... I'm a C6 since 1980. I've been plagued with UTI culminating in kidney infection ever since. Over nearly four decades I have tried literally everything I could find to beat this problem. Thanks to a member here, supporting his father, I decided to try intravesical gentamicin (iGM). I wear a condom style catheter so it's not a natural fit for me. But when you've run out of options you make things work.

I looked up the protocol with a simple google search, printed out the studies and convinced my doctor. It was the easiest thing I've ever done.

Six vials (4ml each) containing 80mg of gentamicin diluted in one liter of normal saline solution. You end up with a solution of 480mg gentamicin per 1.024 liter of saline. First, you empty your bladder. Then, using a syringe without a needle, you inject 30ml to 60ml of the solution through the catheter into the bladder. The gentamicin is later passed from your bladder with your urine however you normally do that.

I started doing the procedure with 30ml every other day due to my doctor being wary. I didn't like it because I would still sometimes see pus or sediment. So, I started doing 30 ml everyday. That was better but kind of a hassle and still occasionally would see pus or sediment. So, I've settled on 60ml every other day. It's more convenient and I never observe pus or sediment.

Do a google search and read everything. They tried this procedure with colistin and neomycin and various combinations but all those efforts resulted in significant microbial resistance and ultimately failure. Something about gentamicin at a higher concentration renders microbes unable to resist it. The higher concentration also makes gentamicin effective against all kinds of strains that systemic administration won't touch, including gram positive ones. If you're carrying a gentamicin-resistant bug that means an intravenous dose will not help. However, iGM will likely still do the trick.

It's been over six months and life is a dream. My urine is always crystal clear. There is nothing like iGM for prevention. I only wish I had tried it a long time ago.