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Thread: Tilite Backrest Release Bar

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    Tilite Backrest Release Bar

    Hey All,

    I have a new TiLite Aero Z. I have an issue with the Backrest release bar when putting the chair in my backseat. Every time I place it there it pushes the release bar up so it will release the back making it somewhat difficult to taking the chair out between myself and the steering wheel. Does anyone have any suggestions on how the release bar could be modified so this would not happen?


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    I cut down my side-guards so they are a bit lower than the tires, and removed the inner area within the arc of the setback mechanism, then bent them inwards to the point the the rear "horns" of them drag on the seat-spoke when it is lowered.
    I did the side guards solely to keep my fat ass from rubbing the tires a little; the unintended consequence was that the fucking chair-back no longer opened like an umbrella everytime I went to disembark!
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