Starting this thread to talk about the actual vehicles that are available in 2019 that work well for folks in manual chairs that transfer into the vehicle and have the chair stowed for them, or they breakdown themselves to drive etc...

For the past 11 years had wife's 2006 honda crv has worked particular well for us... apart from the fact that Honda's don't go forever, only 147,000 miles and everything is going on the engine, even though it was serviced on schedule only at a Honda dealer for it's entire life. I was banking on squeezing a few more years out of it, and maybe 200,000 miles.. but not to be.

Things to consider about my specific chair
My manual Tilite TR
is rolling 27" wheels,
and with the wheels on is.
30" wide.
40" long.
36" high.

Things that worked well with the 2006 CRV for me.
The chair could be lifted into the back complete and sat on it's wheels and sit in the back and still sit 5 people in the car.
The front doors have a large enough opening to make transferring easy and allow me to break down the chair and wheels and get it all on the passenger seat with no issues.
The height of the driver/passenger seat was just right, when transferring from the ground it was easy enough as there were some well place grab handles.
Due to the height transferring from a 6" curbed sidewalk was also trivial, you're not so low in the car that getting up to your wheelchair seat was a major issue etc.
Grab handles, nice low one in the center of the front passenger area was excellent for pulling from the passenger side, plus the usual ones above your head by the door etc.
Emergency hand brake, was hand operated in the center, not one of those foot ones.
The gearshift was on the column, never realized how awesome this was till trying other new cars.
No center console or gear shift in the center on the floor, so transferring from the drivers seat to the passenger seat and vice versa is easy.
Rear door is hinged on the side, so easy for some one in a chair to open close and get access to etc.
Carries 5 people and a chair and is pretty compact.
All wheel drive.

The biggest negative, was it's a pretty loud ride.

So far looked at
Kia Sorento - Front door opening are pretty narrow - Chair will only fit in the back on it's side - it's a pretty big vehicle considering.

Nissan Rogue - chair wouldn't fit in the back
Nissan Mujrano - chair wouldn't fit in the back, but was a really easy car to transfer into and out of.
Nissan Pathfinder - chair only fits in on it's side. again seemed like a pretty big vehicle on the outside for no great gain on the inside.

Mitsubishi outlander - chair only fits in the back on it's side. Again was pretty tight on the inside considering how big it was on the outside.

Toyota Rav4 - Chair only fits in on it's side, but was so close.
Toyota highlander - Chair only fits in on it's side
Toyota pathfinder - Chair only fits in on it's side
Toyota Sienna (minivan) - acres of space! would have to bungy the chair down! has a 4 wheel drive option! no center console transferring between drivers seat and passenger seat possible, gear shift is classic style but up on the dash keeping the floor clear. Seats are lower than I'd like, plus the body work pushes you away from the car leaving a bit of canyon to transfer across. Good visibility.

Honda CRV - chair fits in the back again! Huge center console so no transferring between driver and passenger seat, no good grab handles, gear shift back on the floor ! Back to a regular lift up hatch rear door! From our statistical study, be lucky to get 150,000 miles out of it.

It's looking like we're going to end up with a minivan.

So far all it's done is compound how great the 2006 CRV worked for us.

Next to check out : Hyundai, Kai, Mercedes, Ford, Subaru, Volvo.

thoughts? missed any obvious ones ?

If you have top tips about buying a new vehicle as a manual wheelchair user who transfers, I started a different thread.