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Thread: Colostomy + laxatives

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    Colostomy + laxatives

    Does anyone know if you can take Senna with a colostomy?

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    My doctor gave me the choice of senna/colace or Mirilax, just to keep things moving.

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    If I feel I may be stoved up; I'll take a couple of the Senna tablets. Usually by the end of the day or next morning, things are back to normal. With Sigmoid Loop colostomies, the stool can be somewhat loose so I take one Immodium tablet in the morning to keep things firmer. Helps bigtime.

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    You can take Senna with a colostomy. That being said, is there a reason that you need it? Have you tried adjusting your diet, fluids and activity first?

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    Yes, I have. I've determined that after 28 years of routine laxatives to stimulate, my intestines still need them for any sort of regularity.
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