Well had my first problem with Quantum Q6 Edge this morning. Turn it on and went through the house with no problem. Started out front door and hit flipper to go different drive profile. Got to 'Fast' and would not move or pushing flipper didn't go to Seat Functions. Turned on/off acouple times, nothing on joystick got it to turn on again.
The 'Attendant' joystick works.
Tried changing out plugs to main joystick to 'Attendant' plug in back of chair. Still nothing would turn on main joystick.
Now only 'Attendant' joystick works.
Any ideas?

This is my backup chair and Medicare I know will not cover costs of repair.
My current Medicare powerchair was town over 1 1/2years ago it was beyond repair and needed replaced. Not able to deal with company that took over old DME dealership so been using backup since then.
Afraid 'Attendant' joystick will just quit working like main joystick done. Anyone know of reset or possible fuse or fuse reset button on this chair?