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Thread: iBOT coming back?

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    To qualify for one (whether it's out of pocket or insurance) you have to undergo assessment by doctor and actual training in a unit. This is not like showing you how a power chair works while PT observes, more like drivers education. A certain amount of trunk control (Dr assessed), ability to bend knees (not applicable to amputees), and you must show that you can operate safely. Think, there are healthy people that can't drive a car safely so some SCI folks my fail the driver training & test.

    I have read this is a marketing ploy by Toyota R&D, I hope not. We'll see this spring when they are supposed to be released.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xsfxsf View Post
    I wish they'd bring back the Permobil Street :-(
    I couldn't find a used Street that I could afford so I got an old C500s w/Pilot+ and ESP. I got the high speed fish tailing corrected by playing w/ESP module programming. Wish my other Permobils' had this old school program-ability.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rustyjames View Post
    The 2 wheel part about it is as cool as it can be. I'm even a few inches taller than when I was among the walking. It takes a little getting used to but I feel comfortable using it. It does move back and forth if you lean that way, but if you sit perfectly still it just pretty much stays put. I only use it once in awhile because I can get more things done, and move around quicker in my regular chair. They are really some piece of technology.
    I can understand that, top speed and fast turning isn't as quick as I'd like (based only from what I've read that folks wrote). I need the 4WD outside and 2WD gyro in my garage.
    If I can get one it will get used in certain needs like taking a shorter route to my small town, down town. I have to go around the world to reach the ramped curbs now. Also, my back porch (former coffee in morning spot) doesn't have a ramp. I have several chairs, each has a special purpose. I can see most of my time spent in my bald tire Permobil but the iBOT may expand my venturing outdoors more.

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    I also have several chairs, and agree that the Ibot has its good/bad points.

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    I would love to have one of these for cruising around outside but how tall is it in the normal seated position? It looks like it is too high to be able to sit at a table.

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    Quote Originally Posted by STOLhorse View Post
    I would love to have one of these for cruising around outside but how tall is it in the normal seated position? It looks like it is too high to be able to sit at a table.
    The seat height in standard mode is about the normal height of most powerchairs. The armrests are fully adjustable, or can be easily flipped up.

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