Just a mini rant. I have spent the last three days sitting in a room with my lap desk, a phone, and all my questions about the unearned income section of my state’s Medicaid Buy In. Waiting for those call backs. One to DHS, and one to an advocacy group that also doesn’t return calls. DHS used to return calls within 24 hours (it must be a lot longer based on how long I have waited), but if you miss that call you have to repeat the entire process. Call, leave a message, and wait and wait and wait. I can’t do much of anything else because I don’t want to miss the call. I keep the phone on my lap, and all my paperwork, a pen, all my questions.....and I wait. Somehow I doubt I am the only one to experience this kind of hell. I seem to be incapable of ‘getting into’ any other tasks because I fear that somehow my brain will have switched out of numbers mode. My brain really sucks at numbers, so once I convince it to switch to money mode I am reluctant to engage in any activities that will take me out of it.

I sit. I wait.