Times of San Diego, January 15th, 2019 by Chris Jennewein

UCSD Scientists Demonstrate Use of 3D Printing with Stem Cells for Spinal Repair

UC San Diego medical researchers have for the first time used 3D printing technology to create a spinal cord and implant it with neural stem cells into rats with spinal cord injuries, the university announced Monday.

The implant is designed to promote nerve growth and regrowth for victims of severe spinal cord injuries, according to the researchers. For the rats in the study, the 3D printed spinal cords spurred tissue growth, the regeneration of nerve cell extensions called axons and expansion of the implanted neural stem cells into the rat's natural spinal cord.

The research appears in Monday?s issue of the journal Nature Medicine.

"The new work puts us even closer to real thing," said Jacob Koffler, the study's co-first author. "The 3D scaffolding recapitulates the slender, bundled arrays of axons in the spinal cord. It helps organize regenerating axons to replicate the anatomy of the pre-injured spinal cord."

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