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Thread: UCSD Scientists Demonstrate Use of 3D Printing with Stem Cells

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moe View Post
    To me it sounds just as realistic as the head transplant article.
    Quote Originally Posted by Moe View Post
    why not just inject the growth factors alone to the original cord, in most sci cases there's no 'gap' to fill in a 3D printed cord unless you cut and 'glue' both ends, even if succes printing a real cord, makes no sense to fuse 2 cuts instead of 1... Media hype at its best, thats why rats are used since they cant defend themselves IMO. Great marketing technique to free publicity to raise funds that may lead nowhere except money in the pockets... just pisses me off
    That's still all you've got?

    You're lonely, desperate for attention and come to CareCure to post silly redundant responses because you enjoy reading the media about the SCI research but don't understand any of it nor the biology of the cord. Or, is it the trolling you find entertaining?

    Repairing a spinal cord is more complicated than filling it with WD-40 and frosting it with glue. If it was easy, those defenseless rats you talk about could have strapped on new limbs with duct tape, saved their money and started wealthy rodent colonies instead.

    The article I just posted here in the SCI Nurse's thread from January was from the NIH Directors blog. Dr. Collins is not fundraising, he's reporting on research already funded by National Institute of Health in the U.S. He did not ask you for any Canadian money, so cry more.

    Quote Originally Posted by Moe View Post
    Nobody here asked you anything and you're not a CC moderator to tell what to do neither. Nobody has to be lonely to share thoughts, so keep those ignorant comments to yourself.
    Actually, you DID ask. I'll continue to post articles/abstracts and comment on them whenever I please. You own nothing here.

    If you can't post anything but the same old butt hurt topics to be pissed off about, then stop trolling my posts and launching childish tantrums when I post articles at the forum. The blubbering and nutty insults you post in all the threads have grown tiresome. You've paid for nothing, contributed nothing and you get nothing. Nobody posting information here at carecure owes you anything. That includes me. Get over it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Moe View Post
    Too dangerous for human trials, over the years I learned not to believe everything the media publishes, no matter how much someone worships them by playing wannabe news anchor. Fundraising is all it matters to some and I find it discusting
    Someone is in dire need of a nap and dad burn discusting spell checker app...
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