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Thread: What is your preferred cushion for showering

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    What is your preferred cushion for showering

    I am trying to decide what to sit on during the shower. At this point, I'm pretty much thinking a Roho without the cover or a Supracor. I'd love some input from others who have used either. I would expect the Roho to dry quickly. I'm not sure about the Supracor. Suggestions?

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    I've been using a roho with a cover for years, and just wash the cover periodically. It dries fine.

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    Would you have any concern in not using the cover?

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    you don't have a wheel-in shower/commode I take it?

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    No I've always used a padded shower bench. It's been ok but looking for something that will offer more protection from pressure. Hence why I'm looking at an actual cushion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tarantella View Post
    Would you have any concern in not using the cover?
    I've used it without the cover a few times before. The only problem is the air pockets will separate when you sit on it without the cover holding everything together, which sits you further down in the cushion. So I had to overfill it with air to compensate. It was much easier to leave the cover on it so I could inflate it the proper amount.

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    For a long time I used some cheapish (well it felt cheap, probably cost the insurance company $1000 dollars) blue vinyl covered cushion until it broke down.

    Then for a short time I used these inflatable sit pads from REI (and this is still what I bring with me when I travel because deflated it takes up very little room in a suitcase)
    I'm of the opinion that these provide a pretty decent amount of cushion, maybe not as much protection as a proper purpose made wheelchair cushion, but if properly inflated probably better than your average car seat or upholstered chair at home. It's air though so it does feel a little more unstable than other cushions I use. The inflatability makes it the obvious option for travel.

    Right now I have this cheap stadium seat pad from amazon in my shower at home
    It offers minimal padding, but I figure it's enough to get the job done and cheap enough that i'll just throw it out and get another one when it gets all moldy from living in such a humid environment.

    for me, I figure I spend on average six minutes sitting on the floor of my tub during a shower, by the time 8 minutes rolls around I'm out of hot water, so I'm spending so little time sitting on whatever I'm sitting on in the shower it doesn't have to be the uberbest SCI cushion with hundreds of dollars in technology. As long as I'm sitting on something slightly padded for the few minutes I'm in the shower I should survive.

    Of course if you like to take half hour long showers you probably want a much better (and therefore more expensive) cushion than I opt for.

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    I use a standard padded shower seat. I do wonder about the pressure. But I'm not on there for more than 5-10 minutes and am shifting weight around frequently so it's probably fine. But a Roho or Supracor would buffer the transfer a bit better. It seems the Supracor would be easier to get on/off.

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    While I don't take half hour showers, I do really enjoy a hot shower. I'm definitely in there for 15 minutes a lot of the time. It really helps my back feel better. So that's a big reason why I'm looking for good pressure relief. Especially since the skin is wet which I figure increases risk. I can get a pre owned high profile roho right now for 40 bucks, so I'm leaning in that direction. It doesn't come with a cover though so my only concern there is the separation of the air pockets possibly being a problem. I could also get a supracor for around 100 bucks right now, but I don't know if it would be worth the added cost. My padded shower chair has just flattened out over the past couple years and I know it's not giving me much pressure relief. I could also buy a regular style shower cushion on Amazon that's not specifically made for wheelchair use. They seem to be around 25-35 bucks. That's why I'm leaning towards the roho for basically the same price range.

    Those REI pads do look awesome for travel!

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    I use a Supracore that I widened the bottom holes out. The honeycombs are hollow but their bottom is closed except for a small pinhole. I make this hole as wide as the honeycomb column so water flows straight through.
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