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is it possible to hoyer yourself?
Not with most floor based lifts. Some can do it with a ceiling track lift if you have both a lifting and lateral motor system, and a wireless remote, but you are limited to being able to access it from where you have track, unless you can crawl or drag yourself to that area.

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To continue with the theme of saving shoulders:
1) Keep charged cell phone in a holster on wheelchair.
2) Tap 911 for assistance
3) Crawl/slide to door and unlock it.
4) Place cushion/s to protect skin while waiting approximately 15 minutes
5) Smile while thinking how the EMS are discussing their day with their kids at dinnertime.
In my area, if you call 911 to get picked up from a fall too many times in a short period, you start getting a bill of around $800 for that type of call.