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    Chicago Question

    Going to Chicago for the first time and trying to find a place that's really easy to get to the Chicago Art Institute and other great Chicago places. Looking for a accessible hotel. There are lots of options on google, but I was wondering if anyone had any personal experience or recommendations. I'm a high level quad in a power wheelchair and I will be renting a lift and possibly a hospital bed as well. Thanks in advance for any advice or helpful tips. - Jared

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    I live in Chicago suburbs and honestly just about any hotel downtown Chicago will be more than work for you as long as it not a hole in the wall you will have no issues. I haven’t stayed at to many hotel down there but I am down there often and even just being in your wheelchair on the sidewalks you will almost never find a non accessible route as I do it alone in a manual charge and am fine . But again the hotels are amazing when it comes to accessibility. I did stay at the Sofitel chicago hotel I’m not sure how far that is for you but again any decent hotel is great the whole city where it sounds like you will be you shouldn’t have any issues . If you have any questions pm me I can help as much as I can

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