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Thread: Accessible Bird Feeders

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    Accessible Bird Feeders

    Hi everyone...

    I am interested in setting up bird feeders on my balcony and wondered if any of you had any suggestions for a style of feeder or a way in which to mount/hang one that I can lower to fill. I've considered a pulley system but I want to do this in the most aesthetically pleasing way to avoid obstructing my lovely view. I currently have 'huggable' rail boxes that I'm using as feeders while my summer plants are all dormant but the squirrels can too easily access the seed and frankly, i'm tired of all the urine and feces they leave. Come Spring I want to use my balcony and replant my rail boxes. As you can see in the photo, I have a wooden arch that I can easily screw something into. Thanks in advance.
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