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Thread: Accessible Bird Feeders

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    Accessible Bird Feeders

    Hi everyone...

    I am interested in setting up bird feeders on my balcony and wondered if any of you had any suggestions for a style of feeder or a way in which to mount/hang one that I can lower to fill. I've considered a pulley system but I want to do this in the most aesthetically pleasing way to avoid obstructing my lovely view. I currently have 'huggable' rail boxes that I'm using as feeders while my summer plants are all dormant but the squirrels can too easily access the seed and frankly, i'm tired of all the urine and feces they leave. Come Spring I want to use my balcony and replant my rail boxes. As you can see in the photo, I have a wooden arch that I can easily screw something into. Thanks in advance.
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    You certainly have a great view. I have the same problem, the squirrels are a PIA but I get enjoyment out of watching them too. Using a tube type feeder you could even install eye screws (rather than a pully) with a cord to to raise/lower the feeder(s).

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    What kind of birds? Do you have hummingbirds or oriels? Squirrels will usually not go after those feeders.

    You can find some options for squirrel proof feeders, but they will not be cheap. Here are a few options:

    As far as hanging, if your feeder is heavy, you might want to go with a swing arm that attaches to your deck rail like this:

    For pulley systems, you might want to look at one like this, but note there is only an 8 lb. capacity, so could not use this for some larger feeders:

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    We use the pulleys, in part due to the squirrels. Ended up having to go with a steel cable, which actually nice because it blends in well. Squirrels were chewing through the rope we had used and would drop the whole feeder which of course broke a part and they had a feast.

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    Sounds great! Location is important as we have found the birds knock out a LOT of seed. Hopefully your location will allow the dropping seed to hit the ground and not the balcony.
    We've used pulleys in the past. Perhaps a small reacher will help secure it for reloading.

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    We run our cable from our deck to a tree. Create a large loop with the feeder in the middle. We had ours put fairly high to keep the squirrels off of those and put out others for the squirrels since they are fun to watch.

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    Sorry, I saw the thread title "Accessible bird feeder", and thought, wow, she must have a lot of disabled birds in her area.
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    I have same issue. Unfortunately, we haven't come up with a solution for me to do it myself so my husband has to fill it up for me several times a week. I wish I could still do it myself but I have one of those squirrel proof feeders that is too heavy for my reacher to lift up. Thankfully, I can use it to change my suet feeder though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeadEye View Post
    Sorry, I saw the thread title "Accessible bird feeder", and thought, wow, she must have a lot of disabled birds in her area.
    hahaha... well with these large windows, I do get a lot of casualties lol

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    Maybe like use the real on a fishing pole as the crank to raise and lower it off of a pulley?

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