I have not had any problems like you are describing. Have you had a change to your activities? Sand, metal shavings, etc could be causing leaks.

My current cushion is over one year old though. Mine seem to last about three years and then start to get periodic slow leaks. The source of the leaks can be quite hard to find. A lot of them seem to be in the right back quadrant.

To the original question. I do not add air very often, I just blow into the cushion when I need to add air. Note that changes in barometric pressure will affect the cushion, also temp. Put the cushion in the sun on a warm day and it will increase in size. Also, in the winter, being outside where it is cold, then in a car that warms up (I like it warm) will cause the cushion to increase in size.

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I don't have to add air to my cushion more than maybe every 6 -8 weeks. However, I have had a string of bad luck with these cushions. I have had about four cushions develop a hole in the last year or so. ROHO warranty and customer service is GREAT and they send a new one right away but I wonder if any one else has noticed their cushions don't last as long. My first ROHO lasted at least two years before it got a hole but the last three I have had only last a few months. The last one I had only lasted 5 weeks! The holes seem to be in the creases where the top of the cell comes together and always in the back quadrants.

Anyone else notice a shorter life span? Maybe they got a batch of bad rubber...