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    My wife and I went on a cruise with MSC cruises in November 2018. It was a short one, two full days and four nights from Durban up the Mozambique coast and back.
    We had a 'Standard Handicap' cabin with a balcony. The cabin was huge - 23.29 SQ metre in size with a bathroom measuring 4.09 sq metre (just checked again). The door width was 815mm.
    Only problems:
    We did request a commode, but all they could supply was a loose plastic and aluminium shower chair. With the shower floor not perfectly flat I did not feel comfortable attempting a transfer. The first morning I did a floor transfer and sat in the shower. After that I covered my wheelchair with a big plastic sheet (which I brought with) and just wheeled it onto the shower.
    The bed was quite high (didn't measure it), but manageable.
    THICK carpets everywhere and with slightly under-inflated tyres on my chair (due to us flying to Durban) the going was tough sometimes.
    The toilet is small and low
    The hand basin was mounted on a cabinet - no chance of getting underneath it.

    Other than those niggles, we had a great time. We could not disembark at the stopovers though, but it was peaceful with 75% of the passengers off the ship during the two days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    If you are looking for lux, check out both the Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity accessible penthouse suites. My parents got upgrade to that from their regular mid-range (with a window) accessible cabin once on a trans-Atlantic repositioning cruise, complete with butler. The Serenity has 8 accessible cabins (2 penthouses) and the Symphony only 4 accessible cabins (2 penthouses). We were also on another Crystal cruise once when Caspar Weinberger and his wife (who had MS) were in the accessible penthouse suite.

    Many other cruise lines also have wheelchair accessible suites, if you don't mind paying the money.

    Thanks. Maybe we will take another look. Trying to find the perfect way to celebrate our 50th anniversary this year.

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    Well so far - thank you all for the info and i'm starting to check on all the suggestions.

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