My wife and I went on a cruise with MSC cruises in November 2018. It was a short one, two full days and four nights from Durban up the Mozambique coast and back.
We had a 'Standard Handicap' cabin with a balcony. The cabin was huge - 23.29 SQ metre in size with a bathroom measuring 4.09 sq metre (just checked again). The door width was 815mm.
Only problems:
We did request a commode, but all they could supply was a loose plastic and aluminium shower chair. With the shower floor not perfectly flat I did not feel comfortable attempting a transfer. The first morning I did a floor transfer and sat in the shower. After that I covered my wheelchair with a big plastic sheet (which I brought with) and just wheeled it onto the shower.
The bed was quite high (didn't measure it), but manageable.
THICK carpets everywhere and with slightly under-inflated tyres on my chair (due to us flying to Durban) the going was tough sometimes.
The toilet is small and low
The hand basin was mounted on a cabinet - no chance of getting underneath it.

Other than those niggles, we had a great time. We could not disembark at the stopovers though, but it was peaceful with 75% of the passengers off the ship during the two days.