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Thread: Spinal Cord Herniation T7/8

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    Spinal Cord Herniation T7/8

    I'm trying to introduce myself (excuse my bad English - I'm out of practice and use automatic translator).

    In November 2016, I crashed while skiing. A few days later, I noticed that my left leg felt strange.
    A few weeks later, I could no longer feel the temperature. Only later came pain. I went to lots of doctors, but nobody could help me.
    Although spinal cord herniation was detected as early as May 2017, most doctors were unable to do anything with it.
    It was said that it was a incidental finding and that I should by no means consider an operation. Thus, the herniation was initially observed only.

    After the pain and numbness in the left leg got worse and I got spasms in my right leg, I had surgery in August 2018.
    The accident is seen by some as a coincidence, by others as a cause.The spasm in the right leg has disappeared, but the pain in the left is worse than before.

    I'm in the lucky position to be able to walk, but I feel partially unsure when walking.

    I am pleased to meet you and hope that someday someone with the diagnosis spinal cord herniation will appear in this forum.

    Marla (also known as jellyfish) :-)
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