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    Sometime I should make a thread about the house and all the mods that make it accessible in a low impact/comfortable way as well as a kind of spiritual retreat.

    I would have done it already if it weren't so much of a PITA to resize my photos (iPhone) one by one to post them here!!
    This picture captures a few: a big luscious planted aquarium I can watch for hours. A microphone stand and mixer for jams. The "kitchen" loudspeakers (the full blown music setup is down one floor-take the elevator!)
    Upstairs are two bedrooms; the rear one with a fully accessible bathroom with roll-in shower, a loft the kids might sleep in, and it's own little deck overlooking the back yard.
    The main level has a large master bedroom, attached "meditation room", and a his/hers master bath including a soaking tub. I call it ShangriLoo
    I haven't had a bath in 20 years! Some day I'll fabricate a rustic swivel arm above the tub with antique wooden pulleys and a sling to get out of the tub. It will swing against the wall and look like old farm stuff.
    The picture may be confusing because that's a mirror that runs into the fieldstone.

    The rusty steel swing arm would attach to two hinge/brackets on the vertical post above the tub and swing flat to the wall between the triangular windows when not in use.

    I've thread-crapped enough!
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    Love the look!

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    Old member, been gone for 5 years. C5-6 incomplete, plus Graves disease, now in remission. Hobbies reading, writing, painting, travel, cooking, fostering puppies. Live in Santa Fe NM. Widowed.

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    Welcome back, betheny. I remember you very well.
    MS with cervical and thoracic cord lesions

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