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Thread: Ubisoft is looking for disabled gamers

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    Ubisoft is looking for disabled gamers

    Hey everyone! I am posting because Ubisoft is making a big push towards making their games more accessible to people with disabilities. They?re looking for feedback from PC and console gamers on how they game, tips and tricks, using the options menu to improve the gaming experience etc.

    As an example, yesterday I did a teleconference with them that lasted around 45 minutes and I was given the option of being paid either cash ($75 cdn) or games. If any of you are interested in participating in something like this, hit me up and I can put you in touch with the project leader.

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    You may want to also want to send them to Mark Barlet (founder) is a great guy and can turn them on to a lot of gamers.

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    That is interesting I don't play as much as I used to but I played mmorpg's for years using key binds.

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    Hey definitely interested. I am a quadriplegic but I play video games with the special joystick. I would love to get involved!

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