Did you forget about people with disabilities who may not be able to read a book as well as you can?

You also missed other critical elements in your post, some audio media are produced by legislation by the Congress of the United States, and there are other organizations that produce for listenable books to create a profit.newspaper they use different copyright licenses and legislation determine the types of media copyright control, etc. that can be given away for free.

The congregational legislative books are free from the author i.e. they have donated their rights to the public others charge them money for different versions if they're not blind and disabled.

A little specific information, go a lot longer than pasting excess information, you put everything into one basket and did not delineate one from another and who they belong to.

So again, give me a specific organization as requested in the original post. "

Are you referring to the Library of Congress talking books or corporations like Amazon's audible.com audiobooks?

Reread the thread and cannot tell what you're referring to. Can you give me an setting goals assisted example of how this happened from where because I do not understand who is limiting how many books are available or for what duration.

If you want to read the story behind the NLS here is the link https://www.loc.gov/nls/about/organi...history/#three it also mentions they supplied materials for physical disabilities as well as those blind.