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Thread: Stemcyte Receives Phase II Investigational New Drug IND Clearance From The FDA

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    Quote Originally Posted by waters3 View Post
    This rehabilitation facility more then likely would be interested in working with the walking therapy phase of this clinical trial. They work closely with the Tampa Veteran's hospital. It would be worth contacting them.

    Anthony if you know where the link above should go to get to the right people send it to them. I would think Stay in Step would like to get involved.
    Will do
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim View Post
    Luna, I have posted the paper several times. 75% of the subjects (ASIA A chronics from 2 to 20 years) recovered walking at Kunming level 4 or better, 60% regained bowel/bladder function. No difference was seen in length of time injured and recovery.

    The upcoming trial is summarized by Wise.
    Hi Jim and thanks for the update..

    World-wide Approval in 2021. We then will start Phase III trials to provide market approval in the United States, Europe, India, and China. The goal is to obtain world-wide regulatory approval for the first therapy that restores walking in people with chronic spinal cord injury. Not only will this enable insurance coverage, but it is the only way to dispel the pessimism and skepticism that has dominated the field and achieve consensus that there are safe and effective regenerative therapies to restore meaningful function in people with chronic severe spinal cord injury.
    Do you know something about Europe ?..
    I'm traveling between Spain, France and Belgium, if I can help don't hesitate to contact me.
    Best wishes

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