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Thread: Underwear question

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    For warmth, Helly Hansen base layers, long underwear in regular or warm. Expensive, yes, but I have a couple pairs that are 6 years old and look like new. There are other base layer brands, but most are priced competitively.

    Another company that I have seen advertised lately is Tommy John. They make underwear for men and women, from briefs to long underwear.

    Both models mentioned are seamless, especially where is counts.
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    I had my accident June 9th 1972 and that is the very last day I wore underwear. 46+ years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeadEye View Post
    I had my accident June 9th 1972 and that is the very last day I wore underwear. 46+ years.
    Hey Robin, it took you away from the burden of wearing underwear !
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    I quit wearing when I started riding horses for a living when I was 16 the crawl up ur butt

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    These ones are made for sitting and are much more reasonable for $60 a pair. I have a pair and like them. Will be ordering more on my next order.

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    My son likes the Chill Boys breathable boxers we get on Amazon. About $17 per pair. They’re super lightweight, silky, and breathable which he really likes. I can’t imagine him going without and having his jeans rubbing on him all day. Ouch!

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    For those who like Glidewear, its time to stock up. The company was bought and they are discontinuing the line.

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