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Thread: Bowel issues

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    Bowel issues

    The current medication I?m taken is causing me to back up for at least two weeks between pushing any shit out and then I pushing two weeks out so I?m on the toilet or in the shower for hours on end. I do digital stimulation for bowel program and before these new medications I was on vesicare for 11 years with a every 3-5 day routine. This is getting me extremely pissed and down on myself. Anybody else have issues like this or having any ideas for me. The medication they switched me on due to new insurance through my work is Oxybutynin 15mgs
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    You need to start/increase your stool softener as Oxy is more drying to the bowels. Do you use a suppository or Enemeez? I would recommend you take a mild laxative and a fleets 4oz enema to clean you out... but not too harsh if you get good results. And start the increase in stool softener. Also drink more water and high roughage diet. An sci person can have docusate sodium up to 600 mg twice a day, but you need to slowly increase so stool doesn’t get too loose. The goal is consistency of stool, no lumps ... like a snake or a Milky Way. You also might need docusate with or without senna. Called Bristol #4. BTW-There are several bowel apps to keep track of Attila. Google and you will find all types of variations on keeping track .

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    I would follow the advice of the SCI nurse to the letter.
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