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Thread: Wheelchair Accessible Jetta Ute "pickup" for sale in Nashville, TN

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    Wheelchair Accessible Jetta Ute "pickup" for sale in Nashville, TN

    I'm hoping that this works:

    2001 Volkswagen Jetta GLS VR6 Automatic
    Odometer: ~202500

    I purchased this car, and have spent a ton of money getting it cleaned up and on the street. Unfortunately, it was a little worse than expected when I got it, and I spent quite a bit of money replacing rusted out parts and repairing things that the previous owner withheld. In the interest of 100% transparency, and since I hope that this sells to someone else in a wheelchair, I am being 100% open about what I know about this car, and what I think it needs.

    Since I got it last summer, I have spent a bunch of money redoing the entire suspension, going through a bunch of maintenance stuff, and gathering parts to do more work. I have put about 2500 miles on it, and unfortunately, I've found it a little too projecty for me to drive every day, and I've decided to replace it with something that I can drive from my chair. I'd keep it as my weekend car, but I already have a high-performance El Camino for that!

    Unfortunately for me, this is definitely one of those "My loss, your gain" situations. This car is in much better shape than when I got it, and my bank account is about $10,000 lighter between the suspension and maintenance work. Figure in another $5000 for the wheelchair hoist on top of that. With a little bit more work and some detail, this could be a really great daily driver for someone in a wheelchair, as well as ready to be resprayed to turn into a great show car. We may also be able to work something out regarding the wheelchair hoist if you don't want that.

    The Good
    Smyth Ute kit!
    12v VR6 with 202,xxx miles
    4 Speed Automatic
    Air Lift Performance 3P air ride w/ AirLift Slam Series XL front bags, SS-5 Rears and Bilstein Shocks, Dual Compressors
    1" motor mount spacers installed by previous owner when it was on coilovers
    Bruno Outrider pickup truck bed lift for wheelchair, 100lb capacity with Aluminum truck bed base
    While in the shop, the following was done (all about 2500 miles ago):
    Replaced crack pipe with aluminum unit and replaced thermostat. Coolant replacement
    CV boot on Front Right
    Replaced rear beam axle with rust free unit, replaced rear calipers with much better used units, new rotors, pads, lines and E-brake cables
    Replaced battery hold down
    Replaced valve cover gasket
    Replaced the "straight pipe" exhaust with a new-to-me Euro Sport 2.5" exhaust
    Replaced A/C compressor and recharged system
    Replaced secondary coolant pump
    New battery
    New serpentine belt
    New Fuel Filter
    Several new hoses
    Autotech composite Cold Air Intake installed
    New Memphis speakers in the doors
    Audi amplifier and bass box behind passenger seat
    New Sony headunit with backup camera
    Machined Euromade door pins
    Replaced glove box with one that latches correctly (common issue)
    JNC026 wheels in 17x9 ET30 and newer tuner bolts
    Some minor reprogramming, including the ability to use door key to roll down/roll up windows
    New front mats from FitMyCar
    OBDEleven Scan and programming tool for VAG cars
    Replacement shifter assembly with SickSpeed adapter to use manual shiftknob and boot
    AARodriguez center console latch - it's the little things!
    Driver's door pull handle assembly fully replaced with new 2 door button, cover and inner handle to eliminate 4 door button setup since there are no longer back windows
    new driver's side windshield pillar trim, replaced previous one that had numerous holes drilled in it
    New plugs, wires and coil - has Motorcraft coil upgrade
    The Bad - functional and maintenance issues
    Leak into the cab from the bed. In heavy rains, it's pretty bad. In light rains, I don't notice any issues
    Needs new chain kit installed. I just purchased this after my mechanic said that there was proof that one of the previous owners lied about doing this (see below)
    Coolant Leak. Very minor, but may be the result of previous cooling system work
    Wheel speed sensor issue - The wheel speed sensors were cut off and looped by previous owner. My mechanic replaced them, but the traction control has to be turned off as it thinks there is a problem and cuts power around 35MPH
    Air bag light on - throwing codes for steering airbag (MAY HAVE REPLACEMENT STEERING WHEEL TO FIX THIS), both seats (replacement seats included, see below) and passenger side seat belt (replacement seatbelt included in purchase)
    Currently getting code for Sec.Air Inj.Sys. Incorrect Flow Detected - looks to be relativity common and cheap fix
    Passenger door handle base needs to be replaced (included). Currently the door can't be opened from the outside
    Reverse lights are not working - There are LEDs in the housings, and they are wired, but haven't had a chance to troubleshoot this much
    The Ugly - cosmetic issues
    Has downgraded seats. I have replacement leather seats (see below)
    Door cards need new inserts installed (included)
    back wall of cab is "raw" - sound deadening material and carpet included to clean this up
    the body
    black paint is in need of work. It didn't have a good clear coat
    side windows are screwed in and siliconed over. Honestly would look better if they were filled and the top repainted
    Tailgate top edge has several small dents due to cheap Chinese metal tailgate
    Extras Included but not installed
    Timing chain kit and rear main seal $293
    replacement passenger side seatbelt assembly. Purchased due to SRS codes
    IDF Drop plates for the rear suspensions (centers the rear wheels in the arches if you air out entirely) $200
    Sound deadening material for cab wall
    carpet for cab wall
    Leather seats - passenger bottom needs to be replaced, and car will need to be wired up for power (harness included)
    new bumper ties
    Renn Sport Porsche RS style door pulls (drivers side installed, passenger not)
    door car inserts
    brand new passenger door pull handle cover
    AArodriguez glove box hinge (used to attempt to fix original glovebox, could be used to strengthen current glovebox)
    VR6 bottle opener
    Tailgate wrapover cover for a Ford Ranger. It has about the right shape, but is too long. Purchased to cover dents in tailgate
    1 can of Dupli-Color matching spray paint in Silver and 1 can of Dupli-Color matching clear coat
    10 piece XZN triple square bits
    original engine covers
    roadside repair bag including extra airline for suspension and couplers for fixing leaks
    plus whatever other little things I can find. I have a few boxes of leftovers, extras and spares

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    Nice idea!
    Good luck with this.
    Project cars are great if you're able bodied.
    69yo male T12 complete since 1995
    NW NJ

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