There are two large Wal-Mart stores in my town, yet in the several years I have shopped at both, neither have been able to provide a basket that would sit on my lap while I wheel through the store. Each time I've asked the answer is the same--THE CUSTOMERS TAKE THEM AWAY. Store managers insist baskets are ordered, but never arrive. Checking in others stores; Target; Hobby Lobby, Harbor Freight, Kroger, Dollar Tree and others I find ample supplies of baskets, conveniently placed for wheelers' use. I spoke to a customer representative at WM headquarters and got pretty much the same lame story. I can only conclude Wal Mart made a corporate decision to exclude people who use mobility devices than provide shopping baskets to a small segment of the population. If you are experiencing similar bias in shopping at Wal-Mart, please respond to this post.