I don't know what to do here. My ex-inlaws want my 16 yr old son to visit them next August. Connors accident was 8/23/18. My ex wants to " rent" an accessible van to drive the 14 hours. I bought a used van but do not get any help financially to take care of my son or his medical needs so at least they are smart enough not to ask to use my van. My ex didn't remember the need to weight shift every 30 minutes while driving which will make the trip longer. My son Connor is C4 complete in a power chair currently. He still has to return to TIRR in a couple of months for phase 2 rehab. They are hoping he will be strong enough for a manual chair. He has biceps and decent arm function but not triceps or hands. I am at a loss for them wanting him to visit before he has even had time to get strong enough to learn to transfer himself (hopefully). I do not think a drive that long is a good idea. I am terrified of Connor traveling without me. We just did an overnight to San Antonio to see what challenges there would be and it was a so so trip. He was totally exhausted and sore from the hotel bed and driving 3 hours with my friend with us to unhook his seatbelt so he could weight shift. He came home with back pain and severe headache with both of us helping him and handling the manual transfers well. How soon is it safe to travel after accident. Maybe flying would be better? I am at a loss. Of course they think I am terrible for being concerned.