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Thread: Problems balancing in chair

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    Question Problems balancing in chair

    how do you start a new tread ? i have a question I just left a christmas party had 4 drinks in maybe 3 hours hit the cold air and could not hold myself up in my chair one half hour later fine any ideas why


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    alcohol could be the culprit but i would also go back to whoever measured you for your chair you need some more dump in your seat. if i drink i have issues but i have accounted for those issues by adding a few extra inches of dump in my chair. no issues now and still comfortable. forgot to add alcohol tends to relax your muscles so if they are weak to begin with you can lose them completely after a couple of drinks.
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    thanks for the reply i have had my chair for years 3 inch dump i'm thinking blood pressure drop i was fine half hour later i was even timing my drinks i need to get a new blood cuff but never had that happen before.

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