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Thread: My new TR with Superlite Edition and Fixed Back

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    My new TR with Superlite Edition and Fixed Back

    Christmas came early again. My new wheels came on Friday and I dialed it in a bit over the weekend. TiLite TR, fixed back, custom ridgidizer bar, superlite titanium package (titanium pushrims, titanium axles, titanium camber tube, titanium footrest), Spinergy Carbon Blade wheels, slipstream fork, and 4" Lightspeed casters. I haven't weighed it yet but I think I saved about 5lbs from my previous wheelchair. I also went to a 15" wide and the push stroke is much more optimized.

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    Copy cat!
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    Just noting, it is a TR, not a ZR. Anyway, Merry Christmas to you, nice ride! BTW, I like the custom rigidizer bard...on both.
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    Yes, very nice ride(s). Also worth noting, unless something has changed recently, those titanium add-ons (push rims, camber tube, footrest) are slightly heavier than their aluminum counterparts. The stems will be too, unless they're the hollow type. They're much stronger though.
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    Ooooooooo… pretty!

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    I got that idea from you...but my DME messed up and didn't make the ridgidizer bar 4" deep to accommodate a Roho Carbon Back. I emailed my DME if we can get this resolved with a new frame or if it can be cut or welded. Looking at the specs, our chairs are very closely spec'd.

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    oops, yes it's a TR, i'm so used to having a ZR for the past 2 chairs.

    I love sports! Wheelchair Basketball, Sled Hockey, Mono-Skiing, and Handcycling.

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    very nice i had Christmas in july! as that is when my new chair was delivered
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    May I ask what the bar is for at the back?

    My TR was ordered 2wks ago but has to be shipped to Nottingham.

    I've gone all matt black with blue Spinergy LXL spokes.
    Think I've made a mistake with the seat-back though.
    I like ur's rather than the normal one I've ordered.

    Will post a photo when it touches down!
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