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Thread: New suicide door car in 2019 - Lincoln, for you high rollers.

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    New suicide door car in 2019 - Lincoln, for you high rollers.

    Cars with suicide doors can have advantages for people loading their own wheelchairs into vehicles. Lincoln will be offering one in 2019, though the large center console in the back seat looks like a problem. Probably out of our price range though, but after a few years....

    Just thought I would put this out there.
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    I drove a '66 Lincoln convertible with uicide doors fo many years. Loved it. 18 1/2feet long. 3 miles of wiring with countless relays that always seemed to be out of phase. Always got the right away from the Japanese cars lol.

    Back seat looks like most of the room is taken up be the backseat console.

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    That rear seat console is an insane waste of space. Love the doors though.
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    Wish they would bring back the bench seats myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Art454 View Post
    Wish they would bring back the bench seats myself.
    I agree. Bench seats are better for shagging on. Oh, hang about, that was then. It will be a challenge now

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