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Thread: MK 24 battery issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonyy View Post
    Are the MK's you have GEL or AGM, I was given a set of AGM's a while back and was not pleased with the range at all.


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    Quote Originally Posted by landrover View Post
    Still baffled by battery issues. So as I had mentioned, I felt that I was having issues with my new MK 24s. The longest test I had done was 8 miles, which the battery gauge showed 3 red bars remaining. The DME techs came out on 2 occasions to check the connections and other stuff, all was well. They ended shipping the batteries back to MK to be tested, and all was fine. Meanwhile, the put another brand of 34s in my chair while my batteries were off being tested. Now today I went 8 miles again along the same path as before, and I only dropped briefly by one green bar. So if the typical battery life is ~12-15 miles, there seems to be no way that gauge is accurate (as mentioned in the earlier posts), as you'd expect it to be closer to half full/empty. But then why did the MK24s (which tested fine), drop 6 more bars in the same distance?
    The only thing I can think of is the group 24's weren't as fine as you were told. No doubt that the MK's aren't what they used to be.

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